Simplified modern payment solutions for your business

Grow your business beyond the shores of the country with our financial solution tailored to suit your business

- Start accepting payments from your website & App

Everything is possible, from card products all the way to digital banking and payment apps. We’re your specialists for issuing and technically integrating payment solutions.

Payment processing can be a big part of your business, but it doesn’t have to be a big part of your time. We help make it simple, a low-stress part of doing business, with easy ways to streamline payments processing and that can help optimize your cash flow.

Tingopay makes it simple and easy to accept payments from your customers. Get solutions that work for your business and let you focus on what you love best.

With us, you get everything from one source: modular end-to-end solutions, flexibly configurable.

- Accept payments everywhere -

Let your customers pay wherever and however they prefer.

Online Payment

Accept cards, Pay with Phone Number, Bank, and more on any digital channel or device..


Your business is our priority, making you visible to endless and timeless customers payment

Transfer/Request Money

Create unique discount codes for sales, promotions, or affiliates.

- Trusted by businesses -

At Tingo we care so much about about our customers

Global Payment

We offer fast, instant and secure payment solutions for all businesses.


Tingopay is a solid platform for startups with limited tech team.

Large Brands

We helps brands collect money from their customer through many channels.

Our solutions help make it easy to get paid

Receiving payments from your website should not be a problem anymore, let’s Tingopay handle all your payment integration using Tingopay checkout API while you focus on your business.

With a simple, single integration, you can enable local payment methods including cards, Phone number, Bank-to-bank, digital wallets, instant bank transfers and other alternative payment methods.



Fast & easy payments

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Tingopay charges 1.3 percent per successful transaction with zero integration fee. We have the best rate in the industry compare to others.

Verify your account

Expand your business by integrating Tingopay to start receiving paymeent from your clients through Card, Phone number, Bank, POS etc.

Accept payments

Collect and store payment details including cards, ACH, and other popular payment methods. Easily send invoices to recurring customers.

- Storefront -

Set up your store for free and keep track of your products and payments

- Payment Solutions built for your business model

Ambition looks different to every business. Findout how Tingopay is helping the world’s leading brands collect payment from their customers seamlessly.

Our user friendly checkout design is second to none and simple to use. Payment is faster and 100% secured.

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Easy bills payment with Tingopay mobile App.

We offer fast, instant and secure optimised payment solutions, suitable for all kind of businesses.

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